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Greek opposition walks out during crisis debate

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1 Greek opposition walks out during crisis debate on Пет Ное 04, 2011 3:03 am


The main Greek opposition leader demanded the prime minister resign, and then led his party in a dramatic walkout Thursday during a parliamentary debate about the viability of the government.

Antonis Samaras's statements came amid an intense political crisis in Greece, after Prime Minister George Papandreou shocked the country, European leaders and financial markets earlier this week by saying he

wanted to put a hard-fought new European debt deal to a popular vote.

Papandreou backed away from his controversial referendum plan on Thursday,cheap jerseys saying the government is ready to move forward on talks with the

opposition as the country tries to find a way out of its economic crisis.

Samaras said Papandreou "nearly destroyed Europe and the euro ... and all this to claim that he wanted to blackmail us into accepting the loan arrangement, even though I had said it from the beginning that it was


World markets tanked as investors fretted over the prospect of Greece being cheap soccer jerseys forced into a disorderly default or out of the 17-nation


Papandreou faced mounting pressure after opposition critics, members of his own government and several European leaders blasted his plan to hold a referendum on the bailout package.

The embattled Greek prime minister, who addressed parliament Thursday after holding an emergency cabinet meeting, said the government is willing to ratify and implement a bailout deal aimed at staving off

bankruptcy if the opposition is willing to negotiate, according to a BBC translation of his speech. He also said that he would invite opposition members to join in debt deal negotiations.

Elections would cause 'greater danger of bankruptcy': PM
In Thursday's cabinet meeting, the prime minister also warned against snap custom made jerseys elections, saying a rush to elections would mean "a

much greater danger of bankruptcy and of course exit from the euro."

By midday, it appeared that a plan to hold a referendum would be scrapped as backlash against the controversial proposal mounted.

According to a Reuters report, Papandreou told cabinet earlier that a referendum wouldn't be needed if the opposition got behind the deal.

"I will be glad even if we don't go to a referendum, which was never a mlb jerseys cheap purpose in itself. I'm glad that all this discussion has at least

brought a lot of people back to their senses," he said in the text of his speech released by Reuters.

"If the opposition comes to the table to back the bailout, a referendum is not needed," said Papandreou.

According to The Associated Press, the prime minister said he never wouldRolato have put the question of whether Greece stays in the joint euro currency to a popular vote, as

the leaders of France and Germany had suggested.

Papandreou's proposal earlier this week to put the hard-fought bailout package to a referendum horrified Greece's international partners and creditors, triggering turmoil in financial markets as investors fretted

over the prospect of a disorderly default and the country's exit from the eurozone.

There were conflicting reports earlier Thursday about whether the Greek prime minister would resign. The BBC reported that Papandreou was expected to offer his resignation, but sources in the prime minister's

office disputed those reports.

Opposition to the referendum plan has come from many sources, including some members of Papandreou's own party.

"Greece's position within the euro area is a historic conquest of the country that cheap nfl jerseys cannot be put in

doubt," finance minister Evangelos Venizelos said in a statement released after he returned to Athens from a meeting with European leaders in Cannes.

Venizelos said the country's attention should be focused on quickly getting a crucial €8 billion ($11 billion) instalment of bailout funds, without which it faces bankruptcy with weeks.

The troubles in Greece come as leaders of the Group of 20 leading economies meet in France Thursday.

U.S. President Barack Obama told reporters that "the most important aspect of our task" over the two-day meeting was to tackle the European financial crisis.

Papandreou is expected to face a confidence vote in his government Friday. Socialist legislator Eva Kaili said she would not back the government in the vote. Without her support, the Socialists hold a single seat

majority in the 300-member parliament.

Greece's new debt deal would give Greece an extra €100 billion ($140 billion) cheap jerseysin rescue loans from the rest of the eurozone and the IMF — on top of the €110 billion it was granted a year ago — and would see
banks forgive Athens 50 per cent of the money it still owes them.

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